A Brokenhearted Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas
when glad tidings abound.
But for the weary and brokenhearted
it seems little rest to be found.

Memories of Christmases past
bittersweet flashes of years
Crying, “how long will this last?”
heartache spills out as tears.

‘Twas also a dark night long ago,
when hopelessness did abound.
Many searching for a deliverer,
but none to be found.

In darkest night men strived
but all hope seemed as lost.
Our Deliverer then arrived
to redeem at great cost.

That babe in a manger
lying in the hay,
here to endure toil and danger
our debt to repay.

Our Light in the darkness
Our Hope in the night
The Redeemer of lostness
The King of great might

The Alleviator of our fears,
with us He weeps.
The collector of our tears,
in a bottle He keeps.

“How long, O’ Lord?” we pray,
oft’ feeling so alone.
“In a little while,” You say,
“you’ll soon be coming home.”

A little while feels so very long,
but in our night He comes as well.
We’re not alone, He comes along,
our fears and pains to quell.

We’ll sing His story in the night,
His new mercies and His grace.
Faithfully sustaining us by His might
to one day behold His face.

Release for the captive,
Life for the dead.
He’s come that we may Live
because He suffered and bled.

Take Hope weary hearted,
death does not win!
Though our loved ones departed,
we’ll soon see them again!


Katelyn, Kristen, Sarah and Sophie –  2015

19 thoughts on “A Brokenhearted Night Before Christmas

    1. Roger, my husband just shared that you know the pain of losing your daughter as well. I am so sorry you also know this pain. Praying for you right now as you, too, press on through the holidays.

  1. And yes my 20 year old daughter passed away 2/5/16 from sepsis. “A Day that Will Live in Infamy” is the story of her passing, if you wish to read to it. Not sure how to link to it here.

  2. Karen I do not know you but I have prayed for you and your family ever since I heard about Sarah. These are beautiful comforting words and I pray that God will comfort you and your family through your daughter’s birthday and Christmas this year. Those are the hardest times I also lost my son age 36.

  3. I have read and kept all of your writings since your loss last June. Please keep writing! …… It is good for you and all who read.

    I really appreciate your poem and urge continued poetry. It is pure, straight from the heart, and communicates in a way that really helps your readers and yourself.

    Elizabeth and I lost two young Grandaughters on June 14, 2007. They were cousins who died together in a crash with a train. I know that writing poetry helped me through the rough times by exposing my own feelings to myself…… and still does. Thank you for all of your writings.

    God Bless you,
    Donald Moyers

    1. I remember being heartbroken for your family when your granddaughters were killed, still makes my heart ache for you all to think of it. You are absolutely right, writing really does help me in a variety of ways. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

  4. Karen, I have never met you, but feel like I know you for several reasons. We know a lot of the same people since I grew up at WBC and had lots of friends at Calvary Bible. I also have several friends at Mt Zion. I am friends with and graduated from WCA with your sister-in-law. Sadly, I feel like I know you because I too have experienced great grief. My 45 year old husband died 9 months ago leaving me with a 6 year old daughter and an 8 year old son. We are experiencing these difficult firsts along with you. Your writing is an encouragement to me. Sometimes it is just a confirmation that I’m not losing my mind. Thank you for your transparency. We pray often for your family. Your sweet Sarah has blessed me and my children deeply.

    1. Malinda,
      My heart aches for you and your children, I am so very, very sorry that you and they are walking through this dark valley as well. I’m lifting all three of you up in prayer right now, that God’s new mercy and grace for you today will be tangible, and His strength in you palpable. I am so thankful God is using the words to encourage you. Thank you so much for praying for our family. I will continue to pray for you and your precious children as the Lord prompts.

      1. Thank you. I just read your entry on Sarah’s birthday. December 20 is also my anniversary. Another reminder to pray for your family.❤️

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